Hey dreamers. Mini update.

I am back from working Warped Tour. I have officially moved to Los Angeles and started a new job. Now I’m sitting in my room sketching again and trying to be inspired by life so that I can create something special.

I don’t know when another collection (or even a single tee) will be in the making, but baby steps are being made. 

No rush, right? Thanks for sticking around.

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Hours Lost is a work in progress.

It will be a work in progress as long as it exists (which I hope is for a long time), but here’s a cliff notes version of why we’ve been so quiet in 2014.

First, above says “we’ve been so quiet…” but actually it’s just me -  Jenay Ross. Hours Lost’s one employee, a recent college grad and current semi-adult figuring out life outside of the this brand. I’ve had to put the brand on the back burner a bit to concentrate on the rest of my life. Excuses, excuses. I know. Tsk. But, it’s been a hectic year! And I’ll be heading out on the Vans Warped Tour for work this summer. Yikes. I swear we (the brand and I) exist. 

Second, I don’t want to rush into a new collection. When I was first developing Hours Lost in 2011, it was an exciting time. But I rushed things. Heck, I rushed things in 2012 and 2013. I had zero design and business experience, but educated myself (shout out to YouTube and Google). I need to learn more, plan more and rush less. Basically, no more jumping the gun. 

Third, I want to be inspired. Not that I’m not, but I want to be inspired to create something that gives me that Oprah “ah-ha” moment. I need a better understanding of the culture and lifestyle I want this brand to represent. It needs to live and breathe it.

Fourth, money. It takes a decent amount of money to maintain and build a brand. I’m working on it, guys! If you want to support, the HL online shop welcomes you in with open arms. 

So, I’m sorry we’ve disappeared into the shadows a bit. Not cool.

If you’ve continued to stick around, thank you so much you lovely soul. If you’re just now finding us, hello there! I’m making it my goal to convince you to stick around. Also looking forward to a new beginning for Hours Lost. The progression is slow, but it’s worth it. 

Jenay Ross | Founder + Designer | Hours Lost

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Writing up a little something for you guys.

Stay tuned. Publishing tomorrow.

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It’s the first day of spring, which means it’s time to clear out your closet and fill it up with new goods! Everything at Hours Lost is 50% OFF!

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If I could, I would send you all boxes of dark chocolate.
Happy love day kids!
xoxo,Jenay RossFounder + Designer | Hours Lost

If I could, I would send you all boxes of dark chocolate.

Happy love day kids!

Jenay Ross
Founder + Designer | Hours Lost

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Join Us

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I apologize for not updating this blog! Really terrible of me. But, if you have stuck around…you rule.

I’ve been preparing a new blog series for my personal blog and will be designing a new item for the Hours Lost store soon (oh gosh, I hope). 

stay brave,
Jenay Ross
Founder + Designer | Hours Lost

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Order a “To Infinity” scarf by 11am (PST) on 12/19 to receive it by Christmas! hourslost.com | #shopindie #knitwear #christmasgifts

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I live in Los Angeles, so anything under 65 degrees is cold to me. And it’s been chilly. Let’s be warm together ;) 

Purchase a handmade infinity scarf at hourslost.com.

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One “Fight On" infinity scarf is available for a very lucky Trojan fan.

USC has gone through a lot of football drama this year, but our spirit has never been broken, especially in times of regaining victory. Plus, we have a lot of other things to be proud of that doesn’t involve football.

It’s our last week of classes and then it’s finals. Keep fighting on Trojans.

If you want to stay warm and show off your USC pride this winter break, this scarf is for you.

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As an online store, Cyber Monday is perfect for us.

Get $10 off all apparel and guess what….. 

"To Infinity" Scarves are back!! 

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In celebration of Small Business Saturday, I’d like to thank all of you for supporting Hours Lost!

There’s only one employee for this clothing brand, but I am so grateful for my customers and the friends and family that have helped me bit by bit during the last 2 years. 

To show my appreciation, use the code SMALL45 to get 45% off your entire purchase at the STORE

Love you all xoxo

Jenay Ross | Founder + Designer

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Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for our supporters all year long. 😘

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